Cowhide Rugs, an Understated and Eclectic Design

Cowhide-RugFinding the right style to accent a beautiful wooden or stone floor can be difficult. The grain and texture offered by a rugged stone or a strong wood floor presents a specific dilemma in terms of finding a floor covering option. A patterned rug is often too busy while a solid rug is too plain. A cowhide rug offers an optimal styling solution for either of these flooring types and presents a variety of benefits, design highlights, and styling options.

Benefits of a Cowhide Rug

Even despite these rugs’ design attributes, cowhide rugs offer a variety of other benefits. Made from naturally-occurring materials, these rugs have an innate aesthetic. The natural beauty of these rugs comes from the items’ simplicity and minimalism. Also due to the rugs’ natural composition, these floor coverings are hypoallergenic and durable. Unlike a synthetic rug, a cowhide rug will not break down or wear. And, available in a variety of different styles, these floor pieces are extremely versatile. A light cowhide rug is a perfect complement to a dark room, while a darker rug offers a rich accent to a more neutral space.

Design Highlights

A handmade cowhide floor covering is a great way to offset design in a variety of spaces. The elements of the rug work as a natural contrast that brings different hues and shades together. A neutral, monochrome cowhide rug pairs well with a room with a rich, dark wood or stone floor. This combination highlights the undertones in the rug while also bringing light into the darkness of the floor itself. Likewise, a darker or dappled rug works as a wonderful contrast in a lighter room. The auburns and browns offered by a speckled rug brings a pop of color and contrast that works well with tans, whites, and other quiet color palettes. While few individuals seeking to design a room will think of these pairings, the natural highlights presented by a cowhide rug, is one of the subtlest but most lasting design choices available.

Styling Options

While most individuals thinking about the cowhide rug options available will think only of the most common, a wide variety of rug types and styles are on the market today. Cowhide rugs come in a variety of colors and “prints” ranging anywhere from light tan and whites to deep reds and browns. Other style options include solid colored, speckled, and spotted depending on the owner’s preference. The color isn’t the only option that can be customized on these rugs either. A cowhide rug reinvented into a square or rectangular design lends itself to a more refined space while a more natural shape offers a bit of rustic flare to a more modern room.

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Extremely durable, hypoallergenic, and versatile cowhide rugs are a perfect option to offset the strong statement of a stone or wood floor. Paired with the right accessories and furniture, a cowhide rug presents an understated and eclectic note of style.