Conserving Biodiversity: Value of a Diverse Ecosystem


Biodiversity is, as far as science can tell, one of the most unique aspects of Earth as a planet. While astronomers hope to find Earthlike planets out in the galaxy, as far as Earth’s solar system is concerned, it contains all of the biodiversity orbiting the Sun.

Unfortunately biodiversity is threatened on Earth by the continued dominance of the Human species – at least the industrialized portion of it. The growth of cities and the conversion of every speck of arable land to agricultural uses has shrunk the habitats of so many species that some have either gone extinct or threaten to do so in the near future. Conserving biodiversity has never been so important as in the twenty-first century, when the unpredictability of rapid climate change threatens the biodiversity of entire continents.

Biodiversity is important because all life human science is aware of depends on other life for its own survival. Every living entity, down to the lowest fungus, requires another species in order to survive. Even plants that derive the majority of their energy from the sun and soil rely on elements within the soil that are often drawn from the decomposition of other organisms. When species go extinct, and biodiversity is threatened as a result, other species whose well being depended on the now extinct groups are pushed towards the edge themselves.

And for all the accomplishments human civilization has achieved, it is itself still wholly dependent on other lifeforms for its own sustenance. Humans eat plants and animals both, and their bodies cannot receive proper nourishment without consuming a wide variety of organic substances. It is in the interest of human civilization itself to conserve biodiversity even if it may mean constraints on continues economic growth.

Conserving biodiversity is of the utmost importance in order to keep the ecosystem capable of sustaining life for the long term. With no other planet within reach that has near to the degree of biodiversity available on Earth, conserving biodiversity in all its various forms is vital to the continued survival of the human species. Not to mention that a world without wild creatures would be rather dull indeed.