Cleaning Glass and Mirrors

washing-glassGlass and mirror cleaning can become a task that begs to be hired out- with all that reaching and spraying and wiping, and you end up with light catching streaks that are just a mess. It does not have to be so. With the right tools with you, whether its cleaning windows or your coffee table, your glass can become streak free after cleaning. There are lots of Eco-friendly ways to clean glass, and even though its commonly thought that cleaning with a glass cleaner does the trick, soapy water has no substitute.
First, get a solution of dish soap and hot or warm water to wash your mirrors, windows or glass. To scrub off residue left by hard water, use a powdered no-scratch cleaner as it cleans glass, mirrors, ceramics and metals without scratching the surface. Have a rag, squeegee or sponge to help with the cleaning. Lastly wipe down the surface of the glass using lint-free paper towels or a dry lint free cloth. If you want to be environmentally friendly while cleaning the glass, use vinegar and water to clean. Dry the surface with a lint-free cloth and then rub the glass with an newspaper. You will be required to use some elbow grease because some pressure is required to properly clean the glass.
Alternatively, you can use the glass cleaner to clean your glass and mirrors. Spray some glass cleaner on a paper towel and clean the surface of the glass. The glass cleaner removes dust and spots easily, and it also acts as a shield to the glass. Do not misuse the glass cleaner as it will leave streaks on your glass. Use an old newspaper to wipe the glass surface as it will ensure that the glass is streak free and it is also a good way to reuse old newspaper. You can also outsource the work to a cleaning company. They have the right information about cleaning glass, and it will also ensure that your glass is properly cleaned and is streak-free.