Children and Internet safety

Internet has opened windows of opportunities for millions of kids as far as studying is concerned. This invention has opened a world of opportunities for children who are now capable of expanding their horizons. To a large extent, the internet provides a vast library of knowledge that allows young people to expand their knowledge through the touch of a button. Therefore, it can not go without saying that internet should be embraced as an alternative studying material. But did you know that your children are exposed to great dangers as they hit the road of this information highway? Find out more.

According to statistical data, about 75% of children have access to the internet. This leeway has made it possible for offenders to prey on unsuspecting children, causing emotional or bodily harm to them. Information that is harmful or inappropriate can be found just anywhere online. Your children can use the pretext of studying to visit some of these sites that make them vulnerable to internet crime.

Children can be exposed to content that might be inappropriate to them. These may include, but not limited to pornography, violence and vulgar language. This could be either in form of pictures or texts displayed on such sites. Harassment is another form of danger your kids may be exposed to while studying online.

While you may not have control over what your children do online, there are real dangers that come while they go about their studies. There are several instances where children meet someone they have communicated with online. This presents a perfect opportunity for such people to either harm or abduct your children. And we all know what follows after this. It is therefore important to sensitize children about the dangers of visiting inappropriate sites.

There are individuals who take the opportunity to personally engage your children in sexual explicit conversations that may eventually develop into a routine. Such sex offenders may use the chance to evaluate the children they come in contact with for future victimization. It is important to understand that such offenders can fall into any age bracket or sex. Therefore, do not wait for an old man wearing a scary mask to understand that your child is in real danger.

Cyber stalking has also been singled out as one of the dangers your kids may be exposed to while undergoing their studies online. They may bump into junk mail from teens, adults or other children who seek young people online to follow them to their homes for reasons not well known. This could expose them to great danger. This may make them develop fear which may eventually disrupt their studies.

While it may not be possible to place your computer in a central location inside the house, it is still important to keenly follow what your kids are doing online. As a parent, you should make a habit of pulling a chair and talking to your children about what they are doing online while studying. Your frantic efforts will ensure that fraudsters are kept at bay and that your children are secure and safe while going about their studies online.