Check airline policies and services

When planning a flight, make sure to check airline policies and services. Here are some you might not have heard about that you may want to keep in mind.

1. Pet Policies.

Some airlines list animals such as cats, dogs, and household birds as acceptable pets to allow into the main cabins as ‘carry-on’—but primates must be transported as ‘checked baggage’.

2. Door-to-door Luggage Service.

If you don’t feel like lugging your bags to or from the airport, there are airlines with a door-to-door luggage service. Advertised as an ideal way to travel with bulky bags, there are fees that apply both ways.

3. Refunding Government Taxes.

If you cancel your ticket, don’t assume that government taxes will automatically be refunded. Several airlines now apply processing fees.

4. Bulky, Delicate Items.

There are items—such as wedding dresses—that some airlines state are best placed in seats of their own to guarantee they reach your destination in perfect condition. Of course, you have to buy the extra seat.

5. BYO Alcohol.

Some airline websites state a traveler may bring a maximum of five liters of alcohol in retail packaging along with them as carry-on or checked baggage. However, it cannot be consumed during flight.

6. Customer Size Policies.

Several airlines now have a size policy that applies to anyone who encroaches on the adjacent seat or aisle while armrests are lowered. These customers need to buy a second seat; some airlines allow them to apply for a refund for the second seat if the flight is not full.

7. Pre-Paid Baggage.

Some airlines now have a service that allows you to pay an annual luggage fee in advance. You can check up to two standard bags without charge every time you travel during the year.

8. Name on Tickets.

Take the time to ensure your name is entered correctly when buying your ticket. Airlines have strict policies and fees which vary, even if the change is simply a correction following a spelling mistake.

9. Bumping Compensation

A new federal government protection plan is close to implementation in the U.S.A. that will ensures compensation if you are bumped from your flight in America.

10. Passport Maintenance.
Some countries require travelers to have blank pages on their passports, while others require documents to have at least six months’ validity. You run the risk of being denied entry into another country if unaware of requirements.