Car Hire in Australia

travel by road to Outback Australia on the way from Broken Hill to Silvertone

Planning for a family holiday or business trip is often stressful especially with the booking, packing, fear of missing the plane and all the confusion it comes with. Car hire can even turn out to be more stressful especially when you have no idea how to go about getting the best deal. Exploring Australia by car is by far the best way to enjoy your holiday at your own leisure and therefore, a few tips can help you not only grab a great deal, but also avoid making the wrong choices. Here we go:

Plan Ahead

Before traveling, plan ahead and book a rental car in advance. This will give you more time to go through the terms and conditions of hire and also calculate total cost and value of other additional charges. Booking early pays as car hire prices tend to rise especially when the holidays are just around the corner.

Read the Contract Carefully

Do not sign a contract if you are not happy with the terms and conditions attached. Pay special attention to the insurance policy, excess car hire insurance, drive’s policy, fuel policy, breakdown policy, cancellation policy, and return policy.

Check the Condition of the Car

When returning the car, have the rental company’s employees perform a thorough check up . This way, you will avoid paying for damage that you didn’t cause.

Confirm whether there are Distance Limitations

Check to confirm whether there are limits on the distance you intend to travel. Check whether crossing borders is allowed. Also, confirm if you need to have a driver’s license or any other necessary documentation to avoid trouble with the law.

Beware of Hidden Charges and Taxes

Some rental cars have the tendency of advertising a base price that does not include all mandatory fees and charges. Only choose a company that quotes a rental car price inclusive all the fees and charges.