Building a fireplace

Building-a-fireplaceIt is becoming increasingly popular to have your own fireplace in the house. Many people connect the fire with nostalgic feelings. Especially the idea of them siting around the stack stone fireplace, talking to people. In some old houses, such as farms, it is still present. In many modern homes it must be build separately. They used to be connected to the chimney. But now most homes no longer have real chimney. Built-in fire There are special companies that specialize in installing fireplaces. It can consist of different materials, such as concrete and steel. The main fireplace is similar in large 88 x 75 cm. (Width x height). The smallest is 55 x 53 cm. All styles are actually possible with the fireplace, from classic to modern with a traditional fireplace with such a platform. It is also possible to have a special chimney. Often this is the showpiece of the fireplace, because it is the most striking. There are companies that do have specialized in the construction of the chimney.

Fireplace with wood burning
These include fire can be fired with wood. You may use it only with clean wood. It must therefore be briquettes or coppice. It should not waste wood. They are also incinerated and that can cause pollution. Also you should make sure that the wood is dry. Otherwise, there will be a lot of smoke.

Ventilation by the fireplace
Not every building is suitable for a fireplace. It needs proper ventilation, so the smoke can pull off enough. You must also make sure that it will make no problems to the neighbors, for example, too much smoke. Even if the fireplace is not in use it may occur through the open chimney draft. This can provide additional heat and it means that you will be lit and that is obviously associated with additional costs.