Broken Hill’s Tourist Attractions

West Darling Hotel Broken HillBroken Hills is a mining town in the outback of New South Wales, Australia. Captain Charles Stuart is credited with naming this town as “Broken Hill” ion the mid 19th century ( The city council has named a popular park “Stuart Park” in his honour in the city). BHP Billiton the Anglo Australian mining giant, which is not only the world’s largest mining company but the 3rd largest company worldwide as per market capitalization, started its operations in this town.

For the tourists seeking adventure recreation and recuperation for a couple of days or for a week, Broken Hill offers tantalizing prospects. The town offers the traveler all creature comforts to choose from, before embarking on a discovery of the OUTBACK, be it for trekking, “go bushing” or picnicking, ones appetite for singular adventure is satiated.

Silverton SouvenirsBroken Hills offers an amazing range of places for tourists to curl up in comfort and style. From stylish traditional heritage hotels with breakfast served in the bedroom to modern Motels buzzing in their dozens around the town, satisfying every family’s budget. For someone who wants to experience the earthy feel of this mining town, accommodation can be sought at the MINER’S TINNIE, a sort of down to earth self contained cottage. The local caravan parks also offer some exciting deals.

For those who wish to experience the delight of rugged experience without compromising on creature comforts, Broken Hills offers accommodation in Cattle or sheep farms, in a family farm or a bush pub. The idea is to enjoy the stay in the rugged outback and relive the experience of the folks in the 19th century and early 20th centuries.

For a mining town Broken Hills offers the tourist a range of places to let their hair down.

Argent Street is one of the main thoroughfares of the city with shops, galleries, restaurants and cafes. Argent Street was the main thoroughfare when the town was built. It boasts of fine wining and dining experience along with Karaoke and jamming sessions to enliven the evening.
Patton Village
This is a charming precinct which lies to the city’s south. This was the city’s most active commercial districts with filled with black smith, boot-makers, fruit sellers, etc. Many of the shops dotting the place are straight out of 1950’s and are still doing business today.
Stuart Park
Named after the intrepid explorer, Captain Charles Stuart, who is credited to having given this place its name. This park is one of the town’s pride. There is a memorial for the brave bandsmen who played to the last man when the ship Titanic went down. This memorial was built by the bandsmen.
Dining and Wining in the OUTBACK
The town offers a slew of dining options which are amazing given its size. From casual daytime cafes dotted around the town to elegant heritage dining experiences, one can choose from a range of options according to ones wallet.

Broken Hill Living Desert Sculpture Park