Broken Hill

welcome to broken hill

Broken Hill is a very old miming destination in the country of Australia. It is situated in the New South Wales and has been a thriving mining destination since its establishment in 1883. This old town is home for many artists which have resulted in the establishment of plenty of galleries in the place that are worth a visit.  The entire place has been called a museum, a living one. The Broken Hill is known for its outback culture and has been like the grounds for the universal battle between the rich and the poor.

It has often been referred to as the thriving time capsule. The shooting of several popular movies in the area in and around Broken Hill made it even more popular with the people. The silver screen gave it a lot of popularity. It was also the birth place of the billionaire company BHP standing for the Broken Hill Propriety. So the question is what to expect and why should you visit this erstwhile mining capital of Australia?

The place is filled with history and stories of heroic deeds waiting to be discovered and heard. The Broken Hill has forever been the inspiration factor behind artists, film makers, pioneers, restaurateurs as well as publicans. It has also been the seat of some of Australia’s most affluent as well as influential mining entrepreneurs as well as social advocates. Like mentioned earlier the Broken Hill is like a living museum. So as soon as you step in the city grab a brochure and a map and set out on a self guiding walk or a tour and discover parts of the history which even the time has been unable to tarnish.

There are plenty of tours like the Cemetery tour, the BH heritage trail, the BH guided walk tour also known as the Heroes also there is the Larrikins and the Visionaries of the BH walk. All these tours and walks takes your right through a journey in time and it feel you have returned to the past and that a past that is so exciting and intriguing that you never want to leave. It is a fantastic experience to say the least. The architecture of the place is also extremely popular. The city’s architecture makes the difference between the rich and the poor of those times even more stark and clear. There are the palatial Victorian stlye buildings which were constructed with the mining money and along side are the huts of the laborers.

The accommodations do not include fancy hotels but they have the rustic farms or the loud pubs with rooms over head. The best way to enjoy the place is to go on a guided tour during the day and in the evening swapping your stories at the pub and unwinding with the drink and finally crashing for the night in the rooms above. There are also caravan facilities available.