Broken Hill Town – An Overview

Broken Hill Town

The City of Broken Hill is located near the centre of the thinly populated and remote region of New South Wales (NSW). It is the largest regional centre in western NSW and is somewhere in between the Queensland and Victorian borders but very near the South Australian Border. Mildura in Victoria, the nearest well populated area and is three hundred kilometres away to the south. Adelaide, which is the nearest city, is around 500 kilometres to the southwest. The City of Broken Hills follows Central Australian Time and shares strong historical and cultural ties with South Australia.

The deposits of silver, zinc and lead have made Broken Hill known all over the world and mining has been continuing for over one hundred years. The mining industry has been very active and numerous new and existing mines are in operation. There are also plans to reopen previously abandoned mines. The prolific mining operations in the city and surrounding areas has generated tremendous employment opportunities. The future looks rosy for both mining and employment opportunities.

Other facilities available to residents and others in the area include health and medical, educational and shopping. Major redevelopment in the retail sector and an emphasis on retail development by the Council will attract national retail providers and enhance the retail sector in the city.

Tourism is also a major industry in the city and is considered to be an alternative to the mining industry. The number of international tourists visiting has been increasing in spite of the drought affecting the region. Availability of direct flights has helped in developing tourism. Establishment of a major retirement village complex, Living Desert Sanctuary and Regional Art Gallery will also contribute in increasing the tourist inflow to the region.

Broken Hills offers more than thirty art galleries where one can meet and talk to the city’s artists. A wide range of paintings are available.

The Albert Kersten Mining & Minerals Museum is another attraction in the city. A Bond Store made from stone quarried from nearby areas, is now converted into a museum. It provides detailed information on how the area’s deposits of silver, zinc and lead were formed. It also has one of the best collection of samples of minerals found in Broken Hill. Also housed in the museum is the world famous ‘Broken Tree’ which was previously owned by Charles Rasp, the famous boundary rider, who, together with his partners, was the first to take a mining lease.

Living Desert Sculptures

Living Desert Sculptures

A major attraction is a visit to the Living Desert Sculptures in the Barrier Ranges, which are twelve boulders sculpted by different artists and which stand out against the landscape particularly at sunset.

Living Desert Sculpture