Broken Hill named a new National Heritage Place

Old Mining Broken Hill Broken Earth Old Mining in Broken Hill

Broken Hill, discovered in 1883 by Charles Rasp, is the 103rd place to be named as a National Heritage Place in Australia. Broken Hill has been popular for 130 years due to its mining activities. According to the minister of environment, Broken Hill has significantly contributed to technical developments in the mining field. It has also played a big role in ensuring safety standards and occupational health requrements have been upheld.

Broken Hill has been lobbied by its residents for the last 10 years to be declared as a National Heritage site. With the dream of the residents coming true, Broken Hill will significantly contribute to the tourism sector. The Heritage site will attract tourists from Australia and all over the world.

National Heritage Places - City of Broken Hill

National Heritage Places – City of Broken Hill

Broken Hill is a good definition of the Australian outback. The peoples resilience and the isolated location blending with the dramatic landscape gives a perfect outback. With the new flow of visitors that Broken Hill will attract, its 18500 residents will now enjoy the fresh life into the areas economy.