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The Sirromet Winery in Mount Cotton is situated between Brisbane and the Golden Coast and has won in excess of 385 international and local awards since it opened in 2000. This beautiful family run complex is also home to Lurleen’s Restaurant which produces Modern Australian cuisine.

lambs-brainsThe restaurant sits at the top of Mount Cotton and has amazing views of the sand ridges of Stradbroke Island and Moreton Bay. The Executive Chef is the celebrity Andrew Mirosch who goes to painstaking lengths to ensure that only the freshest ingredients make it onto the plates served up at the restaurant. In fact before he settled into his role he worked as a commercial fisherman for 7 years in order to stock his own restaurants with fresh fish such as oysters, reef fish, scallops and mud crabs.

This passion for only best and freshest food matches perfectly with the Winery’s passion for great home-grown wine. Much of the fresh herbs, spices, fruit and vegetables are grown on the land owned by the company, which adds a very environmentally friendly feel to the fine dining experience. Now a restaurant on the grounds of a winery may sound like a small and intimate affair. Lurleen’s is actually a spectacular 220 seater with stone walls and a grand rear balcony.

The dining experience at Lurleen’s Restaurant has received top class reviews by some of the most important and renowned food critics and writers in Australia and travel writers from around the world. Everything from the mouth-watering food to the decor to those spectacular views has been praised highly. Even those who have come to the restaurant as part of visiting the Sirromet Winery have found it hard to choose what the best part of their trip was. If you give Lurleen’s a try you will also see why it is much more than just a restaurant attached to a winery, but rather a full on eating experience.