Benefits of Solar Power Battery Storage Systems

Many people are aware of the benefits of having solar panels installed on their property including saving money on their energy bills and the benefits to the environment when compared to burning fossil fuels. However, there is not so much awareness regarding the benefits of using battery storage systems in conjunction with solar panels. Solar power battery storage has the potential to save you even more money on your electricity bills and it also has a number of other useful features.

Saves money at peak times

Homeowners can choose to use power from the battery during peak times rather than using power from the grid. This can make the biggest difference to the cost of electricity bills because electricity from the grid is not being used at the times when it costs the most money. Some battery storage systems will automatically detect when it is the best time to draw electricity from the grid and when is the best time to use power stored in the battery. This means the source of the power will not have to be changed manually and is not reliant on someone remembering to switch the source or being at home when the switch needs to be made.

Increased storage capacity

If you have a net metered solar power system then you may have noticed that most of the power that you produce goes back into the grid and not much of it is actually retained by you. A battery storage system can store some of the power that has been created by your system and this is then available for you to use when you want to as an alternative for power from the grid. Many people choose to use this stored power during peak times as this is when it will save them the most money on their electricity bills. There is also a practical side to this method as well as people are able to use the battery storage system for the power that has been generated during the day while they are at work. They can then use this electricity in the evening when they return home from work.

Blackout protection

If you live in an area of Australia that is prone to electricity blackouts then a battery storage system can make a real difference to your home. You are able to select the circuits that you want to protect in the event of a blackout and the system will automatically disconnect from the grid and power these circuits independently. This switch will be made as soon as the blackout occurs and requires no input from the homeowner. The circuits that have been chosen to continue to receive power should not suffer any disruption as this switch is made.

More consistent power

Aussie solar power storage will even work when the sun is not shining brightly, but if the day is completely overcast then this may affect the amount of power that is produced. Although this is more of problem elsewhere in the world than in Australia, we are sometimes affected by prolonged periods of bad weather. Battery storage systems will store the electricity that is produced by the solar power system on clear sunny days when the system is working to its full capacity. This power is then ready to be used on days when the weather is not as good to ensure that you get a consistent electricity supply.