Australian Architecture

Australian Architecture

A World of Spacious Seascapes and Contemporary Traditionalism

Australian ArchitectureThe grand cities of Australia each have their own unique character. Most are set on the water, but they all have their own special mix of old and new. Where we see high rise skyscrapers blending in with Victorian and Georgian architecture, there are modern architectural centrepieces to behold.

The history and scope of Australian identity can clearly be seen in the range of the architectural designs of its buildings. From the grandiloquent, regent-style colonial architecture on to the practical minimalism of Australian modernism, we see a post-colonial world which incorporates all of the Indigenous experiences of our country.

One thing clearly distinguishes Australian city spaces from most others around the world: the amount of open space sought and offered. Our architectural wonders embody a freedom to move about, complimented by green parks in our cities and suburbs. Australian suburban architecture is characterised by gorgeous houses with backyards and swimming pools set on large blocks.

World-famous Australian architects, such as Ken Woolley, Alex Popov, Philip Cox, Glenn Murcutt, and the creative duos of Engelen-Moore and LahzNimmo, are creating distinctive structures that reflect just what Australians want in their lifestyles today. Contemporary Australians seek the ease of utilizing space, light, ventilation, and the great national obsession of indoor/outdoor integration.

From lightweight pavilions to corrugated iron roofs and sleek inner city boxes, our architects are creating distinctive structures that couldn’t be built anywhere else besides Australia. Our architects even go so far as to use a hose of local materials such as corrugated iron and weathered timber in the construction of our masterpieces.