Australia is a study of contrasts. It is a country and a continent. It is the world’s largest island as well as its smallest continent. Visitors will find a colorful mix of cultures. It is defined by its Aboriginal heritage yet boasts everything the modern age has to offer. The cities are decidedly metropolitan, while the outback is as wild as it has been since the beginning of time.

The Cities

Australia’s cities have plenty to offer. Sydney has a spectacular harbor and the sea-sculpted cliffs are great for walking and taking in the view. This natural beauty meshes with the city’s decidedly metropolitan offerings.

Renown for its art scene, Melbourne also tempts visitors with its famous shopping, cafes, bars and other secrets just waiting to be discovered. It is easy to find great deals online with Expedia in Melbourne since there are countless hotels to stay at. On the other hand, the city of Adelaide in South Australia is best known for the colonial stone architecture and many of Australia’s world-class wineries, which can be found just outside of the city.

Brisbane offers more of the Australia’s unique mix of old and new with classic homes on stilts sitting against a backdrop of city skyscrapers. Visitor’s looking to experience a bit of the outback will want to consider starting in Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.

The Natural Wonders

The nearly 50,000 kilometers of coastline is made up of more than 10,000 beaches, which are an integral part of the laid-back lifestyle that defines Australia. The Great Barrior Reef, located off the coast of Queensland is among the many experiences that define a visit to Australia.

Bird watchers will thrill to the opportunity to spot any of the more than 800 different species of birds, particularly the 400 that are unique to Australia. And, the kangaroo is unforgettable with an estimated 40 million of them hopping around. Add this to the multitude of unique flora and fauna and the spectacular landscape and it’s easy to see why a visit to Australia is on so many traveler’s lists of places to go.