Australia-a continent on its own

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Australia is perhaps one of the oldest continents that have existed for more than 60000 years. Before the coming of European settlers back in 1788, only two people inhabited the great Australia continent. These included the Aboriginal and the Torre strait islanders. Though their languages deferred from one region to the other, it was only a matter of time before they could develop the nation with their social systems and their traditions.

Today, historian have established that the early European who visited the continent in the 16th and the 17th centuries, were basically traders and explorers who came to do trade with the locals. Later on, Britain managed to send about 160,000 convicts to the nation in a span of 80 years. Around that time, the nation recorded an increase in settlement thanks to the gold which was attracting more people to their nation. Afterwards, in 1901 Australia colonies came together to form a common wealth of Australia. Having worked with the Britain monarch, the nation ended up being included in their monarch.

Australia is today the sixth largest nation in the world. The continent exits on its own making it one of the largest islands on earth. When compared to other continents it is the smallest and the flattest on the planets. Geographically, it falls between latitude of 10 and 39 to the south. Within the past 45 million years, the content has drifted from the Antarctica and moved further to the equators. The result of this drift has caused the nation to become warmer over the years. Some of the nation’s vegetation, animals and birds are only available in the nation and cannot be found anywhere else. In that regard, the nation has strived to conserve and protect its unique nature and national heritage.

The people of Australia are known the world over for having a rich and a thriving art scene. Much of that is reflected in their traditions, landscapes and a blend between various cultures that thrive in the nation. They also have an Australia film industry that has received massive acclaim through out the world. They are widely respected for making movies that project their innovation and superior quality in the arts. In fact, due to their impressive landscapes and attractive environments, many film producers have picked this perfect nation to do their video shooting.

Lastly, they offer many sporting activities that people can watch or participate in. Being a nation that supports a small population, they have managed to produce world champions who have done the nation proud. Back in 2008 during the Olympics games that were hosted in Beijing, the nation scoped 14 gold and 15silver medals were they ended up getting the sixth ranking. Other instances were the nation has produced champions was in Olympic Games held in Vancouver. The nation has a sporting body that is responsible for nurturing and developing sporting success in the region. The Australian institute of sport offers different sporting programs and gives award scholarships to both men and women who want to represent their country.