Ants and Spiders

Unless you reside on a remote, inhospitable island or in Antarctica, chances are you have ants and spiders sharing your residence with you. Most of these insects are relatively harmless and go unnoticed by us as they harmoniously live out their insignificant lives. Some can become a nuisance, jeopardize your health, and damage your property and must be professionally exterminated. One of the most destructive insect is a Black Carpenter ant. One of the most dangerous is a Brown Recluse spider.

A Black Carpenter ant is the most common type of ant found in the home. Similar to a termite, a Carpenter ant is attracted to dead, decaying and moist wood. A faulty gutter, leaking roof, or poor drainage around the perimeter of a home can be an open invitation to these pests. While it will not consume the wood for food, it will cause major damage to wood by creating tunnels within their nesting areas.

Among the many species of spiders in the environment, a Brown Recluse is one of the most feared by humans because its venom is extremely toxic. A single bite from a Brown Recluse can cause necrosis of the tissue that requires surgical removal of the infected area and often will leave an unsightly scar or permanent disfigurement. The Brown Recluse can easily be identified by the characteristic brown marking on its back resembling a fiddle or violin.

When these pests invade your yard and home and threaten the safety of your family, its time to call a professional to eliminate them from your property.