Antique vs Vintage

Antique vs Vintage

Old Antique Family Photos

Antiques not only recapture the magic and nostalgia of the past, but also bear witness to the passage of time. Digging through the old travel trunks in your attic, or the scarred and weather-beaten 18th century dresser at your grandmother’s Victorian home, it is not uncommon to stumble across antique family photos. Washed in a tinny patina, these photos have the magical quality of sacred totems. They are hazy portals into a distant time, yet they can tell us as much about the present as the past. Can you see your own resemblance in the look on your great-great grandfather’s face? How has photographic technology changed over the years? The pivotal question remains: Do you restore these photos or leave them in their worn and faded glory? Only time will tell.

Antique vs Vintage

Differentiating between antique and vintage can be quite challenging as different people have different views on what they consider antique and vintage. This confusion is brought about by the fact that both vintage and antique are terms used to refer to old items. But what exactly is antique and can we differentiate it from vintage?


Antique can be defined as an item or object that is more than 100 years old. It is normally considered as items or objects of value because of its; personal emotional connection, rarity, beauty, utility, condition, age and other unique features. Usually these objects portray some remarkable level of craftsmanship. They are items that symbolize a past or previous eras in human society. It may be treasures, family heirlooms on collectibles within a certain genre e.g. art pottery.


The word vintage is derived from wine industries and it means ‘the year in which the wine was bottled or made’. It was then extended to include objects and items other than wine. For instance, there are vintage clothes, vintage cars and many others. When an item is referred to vintage, it epitomizes a specific era or year, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it is antique. Furniture from 2001 can be categorized as vintage, but that doesn’t mean it is antique. In certain cases, a vintage object or item for a particular year can mean that it was good or even popular in only that year e.g. wine. A vintage car for instance, is adored by most car collectors

Antique vs Vintage

Both antique and vintage gives an image or an idea of how the world was like at a certain time in the past. They are also treasured particularly if they are unique and irreplaceable. An antique object can be categorized as a vintage object, but a vintage item cannot be termed as antique. In short the term ‘vintage’ means of a certain year while antique refers to a particular or specific item. A perfect example can be the Volkswagen Beetle.

Controversy regarding what item or object should be classified as antique and which one should be vintage has been there for a long time. To clearly differentiate between vintage and antique, let’s take an example of a restored 1957 Volkswagen and 1800’s horse drawn wagon. A 1957 Volkswagen is a vintage car mainly because it refers to a particular car of a certain period that attracts several collectors to date. A 1800’s horse drawn wagon on the other hand is classified as an antique. This is mainly because it is in itself a remnant of a past era.

In conclusion, the word vintage is derived from a French word’ Vendage’, meaning grapes picked during a certain season. In contrast, Antique is derived from a Latin word ‘antiquus’, which means from the past or old. All that said, vintage or antique whatever you prefer, learning and collecting these precious items enthralls most of us. It brings about some sense of uniqueness and sophistication. It opens the door of explorations that portrays the different regions, genres and eras which reminds us where we have come from and the progress we’ve made thus far.

Antique Writing Board

Antique-Writing-BoardWriting boards have been used by writers for centuries, far before the invention of ink and the pen. The first writing board was discovered in 1564 on a mountain outside of Keswick, England. The first, very primitive pencils were invented shortly thereafter. This beautiful antique writing board is brown in color and of rectangular shape. It appears to be made of very durable material, and would make a great addition to any collector’s treasures.

Why an Old Typing Machine Might be More Interesting Than it Looks

Old Typing MachineAn old typing machine may not be what it looks like at first glance. Naturally, there are many types of mechanical and electric typewriters that have surfaced on the antiquities market. Many individuals have fond memories of black metal contraptions sitting helpfully on an office desk. However, Teletype machines may initially appear to be typewriters, but these machines were designed for transmission of data over telephone lines or radio links. They were once very common for use by news wire services. Other devices might appear as well, and some antique collectors have taken an interest in older pieces of office equipment.