Air Pollution

One of the most serious problems we have on the planet earth is the air pollution we breathe, essential for life. The population, can do much to improve the air we breathe all. Excessive car use causes a high degree of air pollution and if we add that many of them are in poor condition and fired numerous pollutants that directly affect the health of individuals, we realize how much we can contribute to the environment.

The air we breathe is composed of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 0.093% argon and a portion of steam or air, when we talk about air pollution, we refer to the alteration of this composition, produced by natural causes caused by man, the first can not be avoided, but the second is our obligation to avoid them. The sources that cause air pollution are classified into fixed installation are all set in one place that is intended to develop operations and industrial processes, commercial and mobile sources, which are all non-fixed equipment or machinery with combustion engines and similar operation on his generated pollutants in the atmosphere.

Industry and transport are the two main sources of air pollution. Official data show that the public transport of passengers, cargo and individuals, generate 80% of total air pollutant emissions, 3% represents the industry and the remaining 10% services trade and 43 million are consumed liters of fuel per day for 10% of government budget, is intended to the health sector concerning cardiovascular and respiratory diseases there are 3.5 million vehicles circulating daily in roads, highways and motorways.

The main pollutants given off by motor vehicles and affecting the health of the population, are: carbon monoxide, which is formed due to incomplete combustion in motor vehicles using gasoline. The hydrocarbons formed by components of gasoline and other petroleum products. Nitrogen oxides are pollutants that by themselves are no problem, but on contact with sunlight, produce toxic compounds. Ozone is one of the top layer of the earth, and helps filter ultraviolet rays from the sun, but if you are at ground level becomes a very powerful cleaner. Lead, originates from the fuel, is used as anti-knock additive for gasoline and particles that can float or sediment and are known as total suspended particles.

The first mandatory vehicle Verification Program, was voluntary character in 1982, in 1987 was made mandatory for private cars and model year 1976-1982, the intention for this was that by the end of 1988, the gradual implementation of the program was to cover all private cars. Since 1988 the program became mandatory half-yearly.

The verificentros are private companies responsible for carrying out the task of inspecting the vehicles are in good condition, equipped with specialized equipment to measure the following gases: nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and oxygen they monitored by the authorities, such verificentros have locks which are: video recording of checks throughout the day, the electronic count of the number of vehicles entering and leaving the verificentro, technical audits, administrative and calibration logs operation, internal and external image as well as information and safety signs, weekly reports, voice complaints, etc.

To have cleaner air, it is need to help improve our environment, nature is all and in our hands to keep it to bequeath to our children a healthy environment.