Adventures in the Outback


The Australian Outback is made for adventure. Whether you float at dawn in a hot-air balloon across the vast interior, or take an epic train journey across Australia from east to west, you’ll very quickly see how much opportunity the Outback offers to explore and enjoy. The Outback horizon is limitless. It stretches as far as the eye can see … and then some!

Much of the Outback remains wild and sparsely populated. Just being there is an adventure in itself. It’s a landscape that invites the curious and rewards the adventurous. On horseback or camel, on foot or by air, the Outback offers new ways to fulfil long-held dreams.

Camping under the stars is an unforgettable and sometimes humbling Outback experience. Contemplate the galaxies spread glittering before your eyes, with nothing but a whisper mediating the space between you and the unknown.

Ride the adrenaline rush that comes as you barrel along an old stock route in a mud-splattered 4WD. Pedal a mountain bike through the Flinders Ranges. Trace the footsteps of an 18th-century explorer as you wander through remote and silent gorges. Spear a barramundi or hook a river trout.

Outback Australia takes you far away from the everyday. It thrills and inspires. It pushes boundaries. It encourages us to see life in unexpected places and live in unexpected ways.