10 Tips for Designing Garden

Go Organic

Start off with the right foundation. Beginning with organic material and mulch will set the groundwork for a great garden.

Focus on the Back Drop

The back ground is the most important thing. There are many great trees, shrubs and bushes out now that will offer a great back drop to compliment any garden.

Plant in Layers

Make sure you vary the sizes of the plants in your garden. This will force your eyes to comb the garden and take in every aspect of its beauty.

Color is Your Friend

Use a lot of different colors. The most attractive gardens are the ones that use the most variety of color.

It’™s all About Texture

Vary the texture of your garden. Mix soft flowers, with prickly roses. Combine jagged leafed greenery with fuzzy balls of color.


Now add the center piece. This can be one breathtaking flower, or a piece of garden art.


If you don’t want to spend your days watering your garden, install a sprinkler system, or soaker hose layout.


Make sure you pick off the dead material, and keep your bushes and shrubs in shape.


A regular schedule of fertilization is the secret to a beautiful garden. Find out what your plants require and make sure they are getting it. Just be sure not to overdo it.

Bug Patrol

Bugs will destroy your garden, so make sure that you are on regular patrol. Find an effective organic product if at all possible.